Wisdom Applied

Wisdom Applied is finally here!


The social app that allows users from around the world to share wise and spiritual content is here!

Wisdom Applied is the place for content that feeds the user’s soul, whether it’s through spiritual content or our virtual live events.

App Feedback

“This is very important for the time we’re in now, much welcomed”

“people can post their thoughts openly and share revelations 

“Can’t wait to see how the app develops throughout the years”

The Wisdom App

We are creating security in a world that at times can be uncertain. Our passion is to ensure you have a social safe space to feed your soul and be inspired!

So, what are you waiting for? Join the app that will change how you share and receive wise content forever!

Our Story

The Wisdom Applied app is in response to the challenges regarding staying connected to others for spiritual encouragement, education and development during Covid-19.

Our Vision

The Wisdom Applied app is a social media platform that hosts content that feeds your soul through wisdom sharing.

Our take on how to better yourself through a plethora of users that have experience in your area of interest, whether that be finance, real estate or even postnatal care (to name a few).

Our Mission

Create the biggest app to host a selection of wisdom sharing content around the world

To inspire, develop and feed the soul!

Supporters & Funders